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Catfish Plantation Restaurant Ghosts

This Waxahachie, TX restaurant specializes in the collection of ghost stories it has obtained from diners, and in its ghosts! Yes, this is a haunted eating establishment. The restaurant's owner bought the place not knowing that the past tenants had never moved out. After a while, pots of coffee could be sen flying across rooms, and small things started disapearing. Since the ghosts never hurt anyone, but proved a big draw, the plans for the restaurant went ahead . Now customers are treated with delicious food, and extra special dinner company

Well, I went there on Sunday, September 20, for dinner. It was me, my date Paul, and my mom (my mom on a date....don't ask). Anyway, we got there right before 7:00, after a hour drive, and were seated promptly. The atmosphere was saturated with ghostly and historic momentos. It was nice. Several times during dinner, though, both my mother and I felt chilly, when it was still hot outside. The only strange vision we saw, however, was this weird lady sitting next to us who wouldn't be quiet. As for the food, it wasn't substandard, nor was it remarkable. But I doubt that is the reason most make the journey.

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