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Dallas Morning News Ghosts

When researching this page, I went to the local library and used the Dallas Morning News Database as a means of finding material. It was helpful on find Caelum Moor information, but as for local ghosts, that was harder.

So here is a sampling of the articles I found. More will be added as soon as I clean my room, and find the other pieces of paper.

The Cleburne House of Cleburne, Texas was reported to be called the "Death Express Haunted House". Once a hotel until its partial destruction in 1916, it is now said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman who worked there in the 1900's. Ghost hunters Terry Smith and Mark Jean were called out to investigate, along with Psychic Renee Spahr.

The Hotel Excelsior of Jefferson, Texas is a haunted site who's power has been witnessed by both Steven Spielberg and Biana Jagger. Spielberg said he saw nothing directly, but saw movement in the corner of his eye, and felt cold spots in his room. He and his crew, which were filiming the movie, "Sugerland Express", left the hotel at a very early hour. Chased out by the unregistered guest, perhaps? The hotel denies them ever staying there. Speilberg went on the make the movie "Poltergeist", maybe influenced by that very Texas incident.

Biana Jagger, a Dallas resident, wrote an article years later on a similar event that had happened to her at the same hotel. Hmm...

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