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Lake Worth Monster

I'm back....!

I first heard of this Lake Worth monster on a radio program that discussed local legends in the DFW area. There was supposed to be a monster out in Lake Worth, on Greer Island. Hmm...very interesting, indeed.

The next time it was brought up was while I was reading Jim Marrs' Alien Agenda, just a few weeks ago:

"In 1969, I was the first reported to tell the story of a 'man-goat' monster that terrorized at Lake Worth just north-west of Fort Worth. This beastie became known as the 'Lake Worth Monster' and became somewhat of a legend in the area..."

The segment goes on to mention that the myth was later reported to be a hoax pulled off by students at Brewer High School (my school's rival). But the rumors persist. When my mother and I drove out there, besides getting lost for an hour, we asked around and got no info at all. Plus, later I called the Lake Worth City hall for some tourist information, and the receptionist hadn't even heard of the myth. I think I kind of scared her. Oh well.

I'd love to supply some links to more sites with this subject, but sadly, none are as of yet available.

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