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Hawkwood Medieval Fantasy Faire

Hawkwood is an usual festival, with an unusual theme. As stated in the home page description of the site, Hawkwood is the place where the faerie world and the world of mortals intertwine.

Located off Interstate 35, right by the Texas Motor Speedway, the faire is only open on weekends, August15-September 27, and on Labor Day. Single day admission is only 10 dollars.

I visited Hawkwood on Labor Day (9-8-98) with my friends, and our original mission was to harrass a guy named Steve (another friend) who works there. We were soon, however, captivated by the unique characters (one asked us, "Do you know the cure for Hobgoblin Rabies?", and another wouldn't stop kissing my hand), the entertainment (from human checkers, to belly-dancers, to a royal parade), and the various shops. The only thing mildly negative was the fact that you had to pay extra for everything, on top of the 10 dollar entrance fee. But we still had fun. We shot arrows at a live target (I hit myself once, and the target once), learned how to use Devil Sticks to a limited extent, and listened to Irish Folk Music. And we bugged Steve. I highly recommend this place to families, friends, or any curious individual.

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