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Lone Star Stonehenge

Note: the image above is that of the original Stonehenge, not of Caelum Moor

My mother and I circled past the spot again and again. There was certainly debris covering the area, but where was the Stonehenge replica mom had seen just a few weeks earlier? "I'll bet some people protested, and now they're tearing it down," I suggested blankly. That's exactly what happened.

Caelum Moor was its name. It began as a sculpture for a would-be office park that fell through. Once abandoned, it became a popular spot for the local Wiccan and pagan groups. They had worship there, as well as social activities. This continued a period, then...

Windstar Properties bought the land, and offered to donate it as a park. Churches were stunned and the idea that an "heathen" practice was being condoned by making a park out of their worship center. They called the sight a "Witchcraft Park". They insisted that if the area was to be used as a public park, then the scultpure would have to go.

And that's exactly what has happened. Arlington major, Richard Greene has arranged, and executed the destruction of this sight.Meanwhile,Wiccans and other alternative groups continue to fight for equal recognition under the law.

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