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Texan, Pt.1

This story is going to be kind of like a relay race. As the characters interact, the story branches off into the other people lives, then comes back to the original character, and so on. It should change every couple of days or so, and if anyone takes the time to write me about it, I will make an archive of past stories available.


Kathy stared up at the cosmos above her. She thought she saw a satelite way up there, but she wasn't sure. She had been out roller blading, even though it was nine o'clock at night, and she had been doing it on a public road. But the road was right by their house. Besides, in this Texas heat, late at night was the best, or only time to do anything.

Living out in the country did have its benefits, and this was one of them. She could freely and relatively safely do pretty much anything, and could always see the stars. Those quiet, beautiful points that never ceased to amaze her. For weeks on end, the stars had been unobscured, but now, a delicate fringe of smoky clouds hung on the horizon. Rain is what they needed. Rain washed away so much dirt.

So what would next week hold. Well, her sister was going apartment shopping, and she was going to be drug along. That would be fun. Like shopping for a pair of shoes, just a lot more crud to worry about, and a lot more time consuming. Ughh, she thought.

Blotting the future from her mind for the moment, Kathy rose to her feet from the sticky pavement, and quickly dusted her legs off. Better be getting in. She didn't want her dad organizing a search party. She sat down once more, and unfastened her blades, then quietly slipped through the front gate, and up into the house. Her dad was sitting on the couch in his usual spot, watching the Discovery Channel. "Come and watch this, it's about hyenas!" He beckoned as she walked past. "In a second," She stalled.

Noticing that the internet was momentarily unoccupied, Kathy jumped at the oppurtunity. The instant she was logged on, her AOL Pager showed Daniel was online as well. He typed, "Hi!"....

Next time....Daniel