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Aliens and UFO's: Texas Style

If you are a Northeast Texas local, you might have heard of the famous (and possible hoax)UFO crash that occured in Aurora, Texas over one hundred years ago.

But that single incident does not sum up the Texas-UFO connection. There have been sightings over the area as well, expecially around Carswell Air Force Base, which seems to be a trend with UFO sightings period.

Have you seen me?

Local UFO Sightings

Carswell Airforce Base, Feb. 4, 1954
Flower Mound, March 5, 1997
Fort Worth, Jan. 8, 1951
Justin, August 2, 1965

I myself have seen objects that I'm not sure are airplanes, but would not go as far to say they are alien craft.

Survey: UFO's: Alien craft, goverment testing, or both?

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To find out more...

To find out more about Aurora, including photos of the cemetary where the alien body was buried, and a map to the town.

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