Talamasca Motherhouse: Northeast Texas Chapter

The Northeast Texas Chapter

We watch
And we are always here.

The Talamasca is an organization created by the brilliant Anne Rice. It's purpose is to document strange occurences. Funded by the immense wealth of the persecuted Knights Templar, it existed in secrecy for centuries.

This page is in no way connected to Anne Rice, or an organization called the Talamasca. It has simply been patterned after its idea. Here you may browse over strange occurences and groups that exist in the Northeast Corner of Texas, around where I live.

If you have something usual that you would like to report that happened in Wise, Denton, or Tarrant County, TX, click here.

Otherwise, please continue

Contents: UFO's: Aurora and beyond Ghosts: My personal stories and others. Local "Strange" People Local Places Pagan World A Texas page wouldn't be complete without a JFK section. Win my page award! WooHoo! View this page's awards Join my Web ring-Cemetery Visions. Visit my cyber pets

Feel free to collect interesting tales and occurences from your area. If you submit them to me, it will form another Motherhouse. Otherwise, I can always link to you.

Other page features....

Since it is the primary focus of the Talamasca to enlighten, I have also included in this page some written pieces I find...educational.
If I had a shiney gun,
I could have a world of fun,
Speeding bullets through the brains
Of the folk who gave me pains.
If I had a poison gas,
I would make the moments pass,
Knocking off a number of,
People who I do not love.
But I have no magic weapon,
Thus does fate our pleasure step of.
So they are still safe and well.
Who should be, by rights, in Hell.
-Dorothy Parker

The Optimist Creed...read this! "Please Hear What I'm Not Saying", an excellent poem about our true selves.
[to T.V.]"Teacher. Mother. Secret lover."
-Homer Simpson, of "The Simpsons"

My personal links

My other page, a shrine to the Simpsons

Anne Rice's Homepage.

My parent's page, a Hungarian-Texas page.

Who's Watching Who Page, a pleasantly paranoid page.

A collection of the witty Dorothy Parker's poems.

Andrew Lloyd Webber Online

The Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil Movie Site

A Kevin Spacey (my favorite actor) site

Get your weekly astronomical news here.

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