Texas has never been considered a hot stop for witch activity, but New Age Shops that stock Wiccan supplies are plentiful.There is also a quite vibrant pagan community in existence here. Look around and ye shall find.

"I arrived in Denton two days later. Texas Woman's University was a lovely little school situated on low rolling green hills with vine-covered brick buildings, and neatly tended lawns. It was quite impossible to believe that it was a state institution."A. Lightner, Former brother in the Talamasca.(excerpt from The Witching Hour by Anne Rice).

What is the significance of this quote? First of all, it is evidence that the Talamasca of Rice came to Denton, but they were there to find Deidre Mayfair, a powerful witch, who later turns catatonic at the age of eighteen. The Mayfair family is known for its supernatural power, often thanks to the family spirit, Lasher. When Deidre finally dies, the remaining Mayfairs remember to notify the Denton, Texas Mayfairs.

Anne Rice grew up in Richardson, where she met her husband, Stan Rice. She also attended TWU for a while. Thus the reference.

Another Wiccan site in the area was located on I-20 in Arlington. It was a full scale replica of Stone Hedge. It was actually used as a pagan site for ceremonies and festivals, until protests from angry citizens led to its destruction in 1997.

What is Wicca?

"Wicca is a contemporary Pagan religion with spiritual roots in Shamanism, nature worship and Renaissance Ceremonial Magic. The religion worships both a god and goddess as well as acknowledging the many spiritual forces which, though not visible nevertheless exist. Philosophy through magic, Wicca teaches the individual how to reclaim their personal power to bring love, money, protection and harmony into their daily lives."-From Our Lady of Enchantment Registration Guide.