MY Pets

I've gotten kinda lonely typing on my page into the wee hours of the morning, but recently, I've made a wonderful can obtain "pets" off the internet. The idea is basically the same as the Giga-Pets craze that swept the nation this year. And that is to give some pet-less people companionship. Well, it worked for me!

My newly-acquired little friends all live in little lots of their own. Want to visit them? I'm sure they'd love to meet you.

This is Daphne the Fairy, named after the great author Daphne du Maurier. She is quiet but spirited...alot like me. She spends her days mostly by herself, fluttering about, and occasionally napping within the roses.

Shamus has a crush on Daphne, but refuses to admit it. He instantly became attached to her, probably because she is so much like him. He is more social than her, and likes to explore the other pets play areas. Oh, by the way, I didn't name Shamus. This is his original name.

Meet J.R. the Bagel. Why J.R.? He is dressed so much in the Texan tradition, I thought the name of the most famous (and evil) Dallasite would be perfect for him. I'm referring, of course, to J.R. Ewing of the soap opera "Dallas". Anyway, J.R. is friendly (a true Texan must), but avoids cream cheese like the plague. See, he's waving at you right now. What a sweet little fellow!
Get your own bagel, mister!

My monster's name is Spacey, not because he looks anything like my beloved Kevin Spacey, just in honor of the great actor. Plus I thought it would boost his confidence. I think it worked. Spacey used to mope around all day, pulling leaves off the the rose hedges, but now he's found his hidden talents that lie in celebrity inpersonation. He can do a mean Homer Simpson.
Adopt a Monster page.

And this is Morrigan. She is named after the Taltos child of Mona Mayfair in Taltos(Anne Rice), whose defining feature was her extreme height. This is kind of mocking that, but is a beautiful name all the same. Morrigan loves to read poetry and to paint with watercolors. She is on a mission to express all she has learned in her 1000 years of existence through art. By the way, she won't exactly tell me what she was as a human, but she said her ghostly experiences were much more exciting.

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